Balanga City: Make This Your Next Travel Destination

A great place in Central Luzon, the province of Bataan where I grew up, filled and associated with significant events in Philippine history is one of the bucket list destinations for most travelers here in the Philippines. Bataan is highly accessible from Manila and Northern Luzon by land travel and can be reached within a few hours.

If you love history, this is the place you shouldn’t miss! Markers and monuments paying tribute to the soldiers who fought during the World War II are noticeable when wandering around the province. Don’t worry because besides history, nature and outdoor adventures are also offered in our province.

Photo Credit to Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit to Wikimedia Commons

Accommodation is not a problem as well as there are numerous comfortable hotels in Bataan such as Plaza Hotel in Balanga City and transient houses such as JJEMM Service Apartments for budget travelers that are readily available.

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The Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right First Vehicle

One of the hardest decisions you would ever face when you reach a certain age is choosing and buying your very first vehicle. Many factors should be considered before you purchase a car. You cannot simply pick a Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines just because you would look really cool driving it.


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7 Best Cities to Visit for Architectural Enthusiasts

Architectural design services found in the Philippines and across the world are all working hard to build and construct beautiful buildings and structures that their cities can be proud of. In fact, some of them have already achieved this goal as tourists visit their places in order to experience their wonderful architecture.


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Things You Can Do in Singapore

There are a lot of things you can do aside from renting HDBs in Singapore. After all, the country is a hodgepodge of different Asian cultures like Indian, Malaysian, and Chinese. Here is an itinerary you can follow once you visit the country.


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Choosing the Right Car Dealer is Important

Buying a car is counted as one of the biggest decision of one’s life. It is not just the financial aspect that makes this decision so important but there are many other factors, like a car is a possession that will speak for your presence and personality at work and other important occasions, also its safety features will guard your family in case of an unfortunate happening. So, it is deemed that people pour in a lot of efforts in order to find the perfect four wheel companion.


It is been said that the path to find the perfect car starts with finding the perfect car dealership. Now up to what extent does the said claim makes sense. Well, believe me, Right Dealership is the Key towards Right Car, plus it will assure making your car buying journey fun and hassle free.

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The Difference Between Engineering & Architecture

The Philippines is one of the most educated countries you can find in the world. From a very young age, Filipinos have always been encouraged to study hard and accomplish a highly educated life. In fact, parents are pushing for their children to take difficult courses like civil engineering in various universities found in Manila.


Architecture is another degree people are highly recommending students to take once they apply for college. It is in no way synonymous to engineering but for some reason many people associate these two.

It is true that they both contribute into the building of a structure. But engineers and architects have their own characterizations and responsibilities. Check out their differences.

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Cash Cab Philippines is Back with its New Season!

Get ready for the ride of your life as Ryan Agoncillo gets back on the road in Season 2 of Cash Cab Philippines premiering November 17,2016 (Thursday) at 8.30pm.


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Tips Before Joining a Property Auction

To prepare interested participants of the most-anticipated activity set to happen at the Lamudi Housing Fair on November 18 to 20, property portal Lamudi Philippines listed down some basic guidelines for the property auction.

Led by partner banks RCBC Savings Bank and Philippine National Bank and My Saving Grace Realty & Development Corporation, the property auction will showcase hundreds of properties that can be taken home by the highest bidder.


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Nissan Juke Owner? Check this out!

Nissan Juke is a distinctive looking car that went on sale in the Philippines market earlier this year. A lot of hype surrounded the Juke, all thanks to its radical exterior styling that some find difficult to digest while others see to like instantly.

Well, liking a car’s exterior design language is solely one’s perception and can not be questioned. But there are some aspects about a car that affect consumers equally.


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Exciting Properties for Auction at the Lamudi Housing Fair

One of the most recommended ways to acquire real estate when you do not really have a particularly large budget is to attend a property auction. Recently gaining more popularity in the Philippines, a property auction is a great way to learn more about real estate and to get your dream home — most of the time, at hefty discounts.

The common misconception in a property auction is that you have to allocate a big sum in order to compete for a lucrative investment, but in truth you can get a decent, value-for-money property that is not readily available elsewhere. In the Philippines, these events are organized by banks, government agencies, financial institutions and real estate brokerage firms and the properties they offer are often priced below market value.


This year, Lamudi Philippines and partner banks RCBC Savings Bank and Philippine National Bank are opening up the chance for the public to participate in a property auction at the Lamudi Housing Fair.

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5 Crucial Car Parts that Should be Checked Regularly

Driving your own car has always been the more popular mode of transportation. It’s comfortable and convenient, so everyone aims to have their own car to drive. What is usually overlooked is proper knowledge about the car itself, how to maintain it and the basics in caring for it.


You should know what makes your car tick, where to get your tires, batteries, and steel tubes. The Philippines is a great example where cars tend to breakdown due to unaware drivers, so here is a list of a few parts you should check regularly to keep this from happening.

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Carmudi PH renews support to Car Awards Group, Inc.

Online car platform Carmudi has recently extended its partnership with the Car Awards Group, Inc. (CAGI) for the latter’s upcoming 2016 Car of the Year Philippines (COTY-P) and Truck of the Year Philippines (TOTY-P) awards.

Now on its second year in support of CAGI, the international website with a dedicated Philippine content is fast becoming the choice conduit between verified, reputable sellers and prospective buyers of new and old vehicles. Carmudi users have unparalleled, swift access to tens of thousands of certified listings and, perhaps most importantly, get an unmatched guarantee of the lowest price.


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6 Tips from Larisse: Living the City Life to the Fullest

Living in one of the busiest cities in Metro Manila has tons of advantages. It may certainly be stressful to live in one, but the pros outweigh the cons more. Many in The Fort have condos for sale where you can get a reasonable price due to its convenience, location, and other perks.

To further know what these perks are, check out this article. 


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Path to Home Ownership for Filipinos #realestate

As the Philippine real estate industry continues to flourish, more and more properties are being developed especially in all vibrant and emerging cities of the country. Although this progress means success to the sector and to the economy, it affects the purchasing power of common Filipinos toward home ownership, as it means more expensive homes.

To address this problem, other viable means to own a property are being explored. One option that continues to gain popularity is the acquisition of foreclosed properties.

Lamudi Philippines and partner My Saving Grace Realty & Development Corporation (MSGRDC) will showcase some of the 15,000 foreclosed properties that they manage and will offer it for auction to the public at the Lamudi Housing Fair on November 18–20,2016 at SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.


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