WhatsApp Upped its security?

A couple of months ago, WhatsApp implemented its end-to-end encryption. With this changes, no one can intercept these messages and read the data that is being transferred in a conversation. The encryption is such that even people at WhatsApp and parent company Facebook are unable to read or see the data that is transferred.


For people who are concerned about this, such as law enforcement agencies and other similar government departments, this has turned into a problem since they can’t carry out WhatsApp Tapping as easily as they could before.

In this article, we will discuss what impact it might have on parents and businesses, and how they can still monitor WhatsApp. We will also discuss what other things they can do with the tool that lets them carry out their monitoring tasks.

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Say Hello to Mizuno Wave Rider 19 and Inspire 12

Planning to buy a new pair of running shoes before the year ends? ;)

Here’s some great news from Mizuno, the brand has been tirelessly working on its products for more than 100 years, starting from golf clubs  and baseball sundries to becoming the international multi-sport brand that it is today!

This year, Mizuno showcases its dedication to innovation with Mizuno Science, which focuses on how Mizuno technology can help us better our best.

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Stay-At-Home Movie Marathon: Movie Streaming Sites and Suggestions

If you’re on the lookout for affordable TV in the Philippines, fret no more because countless quality televisions are available in many stores in the Philippines.

Once you have your TV, you certainly need to watch movies or series, correct? A great option for your stay-at-home movie marathon is to stream movies or shows online! Simply connect your computer or laptop to your television and watch all you want.

Stay at Home Movie Marathon


Check out the sites you can load for a great movie night, day or every day! ;)

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Lamudi Philippines Ranks Most Searched Neighborhoods

The first half of 2016 saw the continued dominance of Metro Manila areas or neighborhoods among places in the Philippines most searched for by online property-hunters. Sixteen of the top 20 areas or neighborhoods viewed by users of the Lamudi website were in Metro Manila, with interest shifting slightly among the areas as the year progressed.

Lamudi Group

Fairview in Quezon City was top among the areas or neighborhoods searched by online property-hunters. This Quezon City district was the most searched area in Metro Manila and the Philippines in the first half of 2016, according to Lamudi data. Although Fairview remained the most searched area from April to June 2016, search volume for this popular Quezon City location dipped 22% from Q1 to Q2 2016.

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Toyota Hilux – Why You Need to Put Your Money on This UTE?

Being a pickup, not much is expected from Hilux other than hauling stuff from one destination to another. Years back, the only purpose for which these vehicles were used was for transportation and nothing else. But, now times have changed and so does the perception of people towards them. These days people are considering them as daily commuter which can cater their needs of comfort, style and transportation of course.


The segment has seen quite a few contenders fighting against each other in order to allure the local crowd. Mitsubishi, Ford, Toyota and more have stepped in this segment of UTEs ensuring the basic requisites are covered like water wading capacity, loading capacity and more against the add-ons like style, comfort and maneuverability.

From the available players currently operating in the market one pickup which has won hearts of many through the course of time is the sturdy, smart and tough Toyota Hilux and following are the reasons that make it stand apart from the casual fleet of UTEs.

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Series to Watch Other Than Game of Thrones

Watching television has always been every Filipino’s favorite pastime. And, lately, because of streaming websites like Netflix and iFlix, foreign TV series are seen invading the television sets and mobile devices of many yuppies who want to chill at home and just relax.

One of the most popular TV shows right now is the medieval fantasy series, “Game of Thrones,” also known as GoT, which you probably watch, too. But since GoT is on break, we’ve compiled shows of different genres to tide you through till it comes back. And no, they don’t have zombies in them.

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Oscar Pistorius: The Blade Runner

Many people lose the will to live their life after losing a limb. Some of those who lose their limbs don’t have much, and they will resort to using other methods to help them get their limb back somehow, and a way might be making the best of steel pipes. In the Philippines, amputees have to make do with crutches as many people cannot afford prosthetic limbs.

Oscar Pistorius

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Body of Proof on Sony Channel

Phenomenal TV series Body of Proof proves to be a masterful piece of work which mesmerizes viewers with the shadowy appeal of each episode.

Photo credit to Sony Channel Phils.

Photo credit to Sony Channel Phils.

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Internet Marketing 101: Tips on Conquering the Cyberspace

For any SEO company in the Philippines, it is important to know a couple of useful tips in order to conquer the cyberspace. The search engine optimization services must be intact and marketed well so that you will get great rankings. Get to know more beneficial advice for your website. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Every Business Needs to Market Digitally

We’ve seen a staggeringly exponential growth in advancements in technology in the last decade. If there is one thing that the internet has taught us it is that everything and everyone is connected. The World Wide Web has allowed for real-time communication between parties and the aggressive transfer and spread of information wherever you are in the world.

Market Digitally

The rapidly evolving technology of today have ultimately forced businesses to shift from traditional marketing strategies to digital content solutions in order for these businesses, large or small, to survive.

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Five Technologies Poised to Shape PH Real Estate

The unstoppable progress of technology has a massive effect on how businesses are carried out, and real estate is one of the industries that have reaped many of its rewards. Many new and exciting advancements in technology are being developed to make property selling and buying more convenient. These technologies narrow the gap between real estate sellers and buyers.

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A glimpse of the Metro,one Flash at a time

Flash users were along Bonifacio Global City (BGC) recently for a photo-walk using their Flash phones in line with the Flash Fans Day 3.0.


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Running vs. Driving

Getting a Toyota Altis in the Philippines is a popular choice among car buyers due to its price and convenience. Driving in Metro Manila can certainly be exhausting and time-consuming due to the endless traffic experienced every day which is indeed hectic and hassle. Some people opted to use alternative ways to get to their destination such as commuting, carpooling, biking, and others.



However, running and driving are part of the top two best choices a person does to travel, here’s a comparison of the two.

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4 Morning Habits for a Healthier Lifestyle

Your morning is always what makes or breaks on how your day will go. If you go for a healthy morning routine, then you will definitely get an awesome start to your day. If your day started good, then the rest of the day will be bound to be smooth. With a great morning routine, you can avoid negative thoughts, sluggishness in work and school, and even getting sick.

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