Road Safety Program in Cebu Launched by Carmudi

Carmudi, the global online car platform, has officially launched its CSR initiative, which aims to uplift and educate young drivers on road safety. Held at Cebu Doctors’ University in Mandaue, Cebu, the Carmudi Academy for Road Safety (CARS) program is designed to create awareness and help students (particularly in Universities and Colleges) elevate their basic understanding of road safety.

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The Evolution of Work Offices

The office space has seen numerous design changes over the years, but its function has remained mostly the same. As the main workplace of a majority of the world’s employees, it has become one of the places that people spend the most time in their lives, which led to so many innovations and evolution in its design.

The Evolution of Work Offices

With the rise of co-working spaces, it will see yet another evolution over the next few years. Here is a short history on the evolution of work offices.

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Ian Veneracion: The New Advocate of a Multivitamin Brand

The multifaceted celebrity and male lead of ABS-CBN’s prime-time show ‘A Love to Last’, Ian Veneracion, is the newest addition to the roster of UNILAB (United Laboratories, Inc.) brand ambassadors.

He has been chosen to advocate for Conzace, the number one prescribed brand for multivitamin plus minerals by general practitioners and dermatologists in the country.

Unilab Conzace x Ian Veneracion

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Playing House Season 3 on Sony Channel

The friendship of your favorite “sisters” faces its biggest challenge as they continue their adventures in the new season of the comedy series, Playing House.

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“Tsinelas” Origins

Over the years, there have been many kinds of footwear that have been made and worn across the world. Some of these forms and styles of footwear have become so popular in their respective countries, that they are considered as cultural symbols.

In the Philippines, there are different styles of footwear that are well-known in the country, like the bakya, which are wooden slippers, the leather shoes of Marikina, and the Tsinelas, which are flip-flop slippers. In this article, we will be talking about how the tsinelas became a cultural icon, and one of the most popular styles of footwear in the country.

Tsinelas Origins (1)

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Team Messaging And Team Communication

Team messaging refers to the exchange of messages between team members on a collaborative platform. Whether communication takes place with the help of an application or software, or simply face to face, it is essential to accomplishing projects and assignments as a team.

The idea behind team messaging is to get people to interact in real-time for the purpose of accomplishing tasks and projects when they can’t meet face-to-face. Team messaging apps such as Zillable can help improve team communication and ensure that everything is delivered before the deadline, within the budget, and of the expected standards. To make sure that goals are met, there must be effective team communication.

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Benefits of Cooking with Wine

One can largely benefit from a glass of wine – but what about cooking using wine?

Wine health benefits varies from the two components of a wine: the alcohol and the grapes. Both have their own individual benefits, though even so, accumulating wine via cooking doesn’t mean lesser benefits. After all, by just consuming a particular compound from the said beverage will help your body tremendously.

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AXN Reveals Judges for Asia’s Got Talent Season 2 #AsiasGotTalent

Are you ready for Asia’s Got Talent Season 2? ;)

International pop sensation Jay Park will join the judges’ table on the highly anticipated Asia’s Got Talent Season 2!

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