5 Weird but Unique Restaurants You Should Try in Bonifacio Global City

Living in a fast-paced place like Metro Manila can be exhausting but worry not because there are still places there where you can stroll without worrying about air pollution and overpopulation. Although scarce, places like these still exist; you just have to find them.

One such place is Bonifacio Global City, which is otherwise known as BGC or The Fort. It is a place of modernity and urban living; a perfect example of city planning that went perfectly well. Here, the roads are not chaotic, stoplights organize and maintain the traffic flow, sidewalks are spacious, and residential places are abundant. As a matter of fact, with the numerous hotels and condominiums for sale in the Fort, you won’t have a hard time looking for a place to live here temporarily or permanently.

However, out of all the things that make BGC a perfect haven, the number of restaurants available all over the city is probably the best reason why you should live here. There are so many food establishments here that owners are scrambling to think of new and exciting twists to make their businesses unique. This is perfect for individuals who love to try something different every now and then. If you are one of these people, then BGC will be a paradise for you.

Unique Restaurants in BGC

So if you find yourself walking around the Fort, you should check these unusual and unique restaurants around BGC:

1. Hey Handsome

Hey Handsome1

Photo Courtesy: cheryltiu.com

A quirkily named resto located in the Net Park Building, Hey Handsome boasts an assorted Peranakan cuisine. What is Peranakan cuisine? It is a combination of Chinese ingredients and Malaysian/Indonesian spices and recipes.

Photo Courtesy: thetummytrain.com

Photo Courtesy: thetummytrain.com

Upon tasting it, you will surely be taken to a whole new world due to its delicious mix of spices and flavors. Because of their unique offering, Hey Handsome attracts customers from all over the city and is a must-try for food lovers.

2. Tomatito


Photo Courtesy: foodinthebag.com

This restaurant is a product of the partnership between Shanghai-based El Willy Fun F&B group and the masterminds behind  La Lola, Las Flores, and Rambla. Its name was derived from Spanish Flamenco guitarist, Jose Fernandez Torres, who was also known as Tomatito.


Photo Courtesy: cheryltiu.com

This funky resto offers Spanish cuisine, with the focus being tapas (hot or cold appetizers), seafood, and the ever popular, paella. If by any chance, you are of Spanish descent then this place will help you connect with your roots. Tomatito is riddled with Spanish pop culture memorabilia, has an 80’s inspired bar, and a sexy red theme. If you are interested, you can find it at the BGC Corporate Center.

3. Grind Bistro

Grind Bistro1

Photo Courtesy: foodinthebag.com

This is a deluxe burger joint that is perfect for couples who like to eat heavy while staying classy. Grind Bistro is prominent among residents of the Fort for putting an upscale twist on the all-time favorite burger. And unlike other burger joints, this particular restaurant exudes elegance from its ambiance up to the food that they serve.

Grind Bistro2

Photo Courtesy: foodinthebag.com

They take pride in being one of the few establishments that offer the Gourmet Burger (a combination of balsamic syrup, foie gras, and onion jam). So if you want an elevated burger experience, check the Grind Bistro which is located at the heart of BGC, in the Net Park.

4. The Cook by Hongleepark


Photo Courtesy: primer.com.ph

Korean restaurants are popping up one after the other but The Cook by Hongleepark continues to be one of the best. They offer ‘Korean-Italian Fusion’ cooking that heightens the experience of anyone who dines in their restaurant. If you’ve tasted Korean and Italian food separately, then you must try them together.

Photo Courtesy: primer.com.ph

Photo Courtesy: primer.com.ph

Don’t misunderstand, this is still a Korean resto but the way they incorporate Italian cooking in their food is simply magical. If you want to taste their magnificent meals, visit the restaurant at the Forum South Global.

5. 7107 Culture + Cuisine


Photo Courtesy: foodfanatic.benteuno.com

If you’re tired of tasting dishes that are inspired by foreign countries, then you can visit 7107 Culture + Cuisine, which offers cuisine from regional parts of the country. An aptly named resto, this one got its name from the number of islands that makes up the Philippines.


Photo Courtesy: foodfanatic.benteuno.com

Why should you visit this place? They serve your beloved Filipino cuisine but with a modern twist. This restaurant is divided into five sections that highlight the different local dishes in our country. They attract customers through the sheer allure of their establishment and the delectable dishes that they serve. If you want to visit this restaurant, it is located in Treston International College.

Everybody likes food but not everyone goes out of their way to taste what the world has to offer. In BGC, various delectable cuisines are at your fingertips; it’s your choice whether to taste the wonders of the culinary world or to settle with what you already have.

It takes courage and curiosity to try new things but in the end, it’ll be worth it. So look up these restaurants if you’re looking for something new!


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