6 Must-Visit Beach Resorts This Summer Vacation

Can you feel the heat? The beach season is just around the corner!

Have you been preparing your dream-bod for a long time through good diet and continuously workout in the gym?

6 Must Visit

Your preparation would not be complete without flaunting that body. It is now vacation time and beach resorts are the perfect place to flaunt that body you’ve worked hard for.

You can check out the list below for beach resort ideas.

1.    Tablas Point Beach Resort, Romblon

Experience the pristine white beach, blue waters and virgin underwater of Tablas Point Beach Resort in Romblon. The tranquil island is known for its luxury camping and premier vacation location. Tablas is the largest island that compromise the province of Romblon. For this, you can experience a lot of activities in the island. Some of these are Hiking to One Tree Hill, Looc Town day tripping, beach volleyball, snorkeling and glamping (camping with glamour).


The wildlife and landscapes appears to be untouched for the deep-green vegetation is near the rivers and streams.

2.    Santiago Bay Garden & Resort, Camotes Island Cebu

With 2 infinity pools that overlook the island’s seascape and white sand beach, Santiago Bay Garden and Resort in Cebu is a magnificent eye candy to wake up in every morning. With rooms which only costs from P1000 – P5000 depending on the type, you can already enjoy the Aquasports in the area like the Bomb Towable Ride.

Santiago Bay

Aside from the beautiful location, you can also visit Poro Church, the oldest church in the island dedicated to Sto. Nino. There is also a local government managed destination which you can have day picnics in their cottages. Buho Rock is only less than an hour away from the resort. This is a good destination if you have a tight budget.

3.    Crown Regency Resort & Convention Center, Boracay

On the other hand, if you have a little more budget to a lot, a 4-star home away from home resort will suit best for you. Crown Regency Hotel offers rooms with aqua hue theme which is inspired by the water element. Here, you can enjoy the Wave Rider which is the only place in Boracay that you can surf.

Crown Regency

Aside from the great amenities, there are also a lot of Foodgasms in the areas like Wang Shan Lo, Fifty’s Café and Ocean Bar at the lobby.

4.    Steps Garden, Puerto Galera

Only 60m away from the beach, enjoy the Greek-Mediterranean architecture of Steps Garden in Puerto Galera. Inspired by a white and earth colored theme place, this is sure to be a place of relaxation. Enjoy the view of the sea in your room out from your own terrace.

Steps Garden

The Port of Galleons, as you can also call Puerto Galera, is one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. With exotic and colorful marine life and coral gardens, enjoy diving in the 30 dive sites available. Known for its superb visibility, it is also known to be the diver’s paradise.

5.    Acuatico Resort, Laiya

A perfect destination for a vacation with Solace and a different kind of relaxation. Acuatico Resort in Laiya is a not to miss experience. The infinity pool with an exquisite beach view, outdoor Jacuzzi and kiddie pool are just a few amenities of the resort. You can also enjoy the kayak, pedal boat and jet ski as an add-on. If you prefer an indoor relaxation, their Simona Spa will surely give you what you want. They also have a sauna in there.

With the convenience of airport transfer, wifi in all public areas and a laundry and dry cleaning services, this would sure be a hassle free summer vacation!

Acuatico Resort

Enjoy playing beach volleyball with your friends if you are the athletic type. They also have playrooms for both adult and children.

Your vacation will not be complete without food. Enjoy the Filipino, Asian and Continental cuisines of their Oceano restaurant. The Aqua Bar is in the middle of the infinity pool making you enjoy the scenery while having your alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. There are also live acoustic band during the weekend in their newest Azul Bar & Café.

6.    El Nido Resorts, El Nido Palawan

Palawan has been the most concentrated islands in the Philippines though it is sparsely populated. It is known for its high biodiversity and scenic landscapes. It is also the “Last Ecological Frontier” in the Philippines. An exotic destination which has numerous species of tropical fishes and corals and home of the 5 species of endangered sea turtles. The island is also composed on 100 species of birds.

El Nido Resorts is composed of a group of eco-resorts since it has a lot of islands. These islands are Apulit, Miniloc, Lagen and Pangulasian islands.

El Nido

You can fully enjoy your summer vacation by engaging in their water and outdoor activities. Some of these are snorkeling, scuba-diving and hiking. There are also caves which you can visit like the Cudugnon and Cathedral caves. For special occasions, the resort also accommodates friends barbecue lunches and romantic dinner on their private islands if you book it ahead of time.

No matter what beach resort you go to during these sizzling season, remember to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Protect your skin as well against the heat and most importantly, never stop having fun!


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