Benefits of Cooking with Wine

One can largely benefit from a glass of wine – but what about cooking using wine?

Wine health benefits varies from the two components of a wine: the alcohol and the grapes. Both have their own individual benefits, though even so, accumulating wine via cooking doesn’t mean lesser benefits. After all, by just consuming a particular compound from the said beverage will help your body tremendously.

Health Benefits

Want to know further? Here are details to enlighten you about the health benefits of cooking using wine.

1.    It helps lower blood pressure

According to American Heart Association, drinking red wine helps lower blood pressure. This is due to the beverage’s contribution to your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) which removes the plaques building up on your arteries – hence a lower blood pressure.

lower blood pressure

But what about wine as an ingredient in cooking? Even though it is true that the alcohol in wine may be removed from cooking, the remaining wine can still be beneficial to people. This is because mainly, wines are a composition of two things: alcohol and grapes. And grapes have a lot to contribute to the human body given that it is an antioxidant, one of which, is to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

2.    It helps reduce the risks of blood clots

A blood clot is the forming of platelets into a clump in the blood. It may turn excessive if ignored and can make its way to the veins and arteries of your brain, which can lead to stroke. Now how do wines help in such matter?

Reduce the risk of blood clots

Wines contain resveratrol – a polyphenol found in grape skin which contains anti-clotting properties – which helps improve the functions of your blood vessels and thereby reducing the risks of blood clots. Both the grapes and alcohol in the red wine help reduce fibrinogen levels, which is where blood clots originate from.

3.    It helps protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun

Wines also contain flavonoids, a type of polyphenol that is found in tannins of the said beverage.

Protect skin from the harmful rays

This particular compound, as a Spanish study claims, helps in reducing the reactive oxygen species (ROS) that forms in the human epidermis cells due to long exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun – which then leads to skin damage.

4.    It contains anti-ageing properties

As mentioned above, wines have resveratrol which are natural antioxidants that helps prevent blood clots. Beyond that, resveratrol also helps skin look young with its anti-ageing properties.

Contains anti-ageing properties

Specifically, it helps you avoid free radicals which causes your skin wrinkles and fine lines – thereby, maintaining a smooth and stress-free skin.

5.    It helps reduce the risks of bowel cancer

Good news! Wines also help reduce risks of bowel cancer; enter: resveratrol. Aside from anti-clotting and anti-ageing properties, this particular polyphenol also has anti-cancer which helps in reducing the bowel tumors rate by 50 percent.

Reduce the risk of bowel cancer

As research suggests, one doesn’t need to drink a lot of wine to avoid the risk, as a good five milligrams per day can already help. Given that you’ll be using it for cooking, that makes drinking out of the picture.

Key Takeaway

Cooking using wine definitely – with all the stated benefits above – can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, from inside and out.


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