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The Evolution of Work Offices

The office space has seen numerous design changes over the years, but its function has remained mostly the same. As the main workplace of a majority of the world’s employees, it has become one of the places that people spend the most time in their lives, which led to so many innovations and evolution in …

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“Tsinelas” Origins

Over the years, there have been many kinds of footwear that have been made and worn across the world. Some of these forms and styles of footwear have become so popular in their respective countries, that they are considered as cultural symbols. In the Philippines, there are different styles of footwear that are well-known in …

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Benefits of Cooking with Wine

One can largely benefit from a glass of wine – but what about cooking using wine? Wine health benefits varies from the two components of a wine: the alcohol and the grapes. Both have their own individual benefits, though even so, accumulating wine via cooking doesn’t mean lesser benefits. After all, by just consuming a …

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Pros & Cons: A Dash Cam’s Point of View

Thinking of installing a dash cam on your car? Definitely, having one will offer you the advantage on keeping your car safe and at the same time, keep your environment at peace. But keeping one may also put you at the disadvantage for reasons that can either be because of your own actions or another’s.

Diseases Caused by Pests and How to Prevent Them

In order to assure prevention form pest diseases, one must be aware of where the diseases come from first to understand where he should be careful and where to apply sanitary measures.

Entrepreneur from Davao finds his dream car online

Reinario Polinar, a 49-year old businessman from Tagum City, shares his experience in buying his vehicle of choice through this online car platform, Carmudi. He recently purchased a brand-new Ford Ranger 4×2 XLS Manual Transmission at Ford Tagum dealership in Davao, which is under Autohub Group of Companies.

Best & Worst Car Movies of All Time

The film industry has seen a good number of car movies over the past few years. Some of them became well-loved movies that the auto enthusiasts and film critics adore, while there are some that have just been plain awful. These are the movies that you talk about with your friendly muffler seller (available in …

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Today’s Popular Wedding Themes

There are very few experiences that is as beautiful, lovely, and memorable like a wedding day. There is always something emotional and beautiful seeing two lovers finally tie the knot. But before that big day comes, you have to be very prepared for it. Looking for the right venue and the best catering services ensure …

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