Diseases Caused by Pests and How to Prevent Them

In order to assure prevention form pest diseases, one must be aware of where the diseases come from first to understand where he should be careful and where to apply sanitary measures.


Here are the top 5 diseases caused by common pests, how they work, and what one should to do to prevent this:

Lyme Disease

Photo Courtesy: www.webmd.com

Photo Courtesy: www.webmd.com

This is a common inflammatory disease which stems from the bites of ticks. It can become very serious if not treated immediately and lead to other disease such as cardiac and neurological diseases and joint pains. Infection become evident when one starts to have lesions in skins and starts to feel feverish, chills, and fatigues.

In order to prevent this disease, it is best to remain covered up when visiting natural areas while using repellents and keeping the garden free from ticks. If ever a tick has successfully bit a human, then it must be removed with tweezers while avoiding squeezing and crushing it. Then antiseptic must be applied to the bite.


Photo Courtesy: www.webmd.com

Photo Courtesy: www.webmd.com

When one eats food that has been contaminated by rats – either due to contact with the feces of mice or the mice themselves – then he may contract Salmonellosis. This is a disease in which bacteria infects a person and gives them gastroenteritis which is a severe condition that infects the gastrointestinal system. Other complications include meningitis, endocarditis, and septicemia.

Prevention of this involves the proper storage and cooking of food. It must be refrigerated before using. When it will finally be used, hands must first be sterilized. Then, it must be cooked to reach a good internal temperature to kill any bacteria inside. In general, raw or light cooked foods must be avoided as well.

Lastly, hands must always be washed when it comes in contact with animals, their food, or their environment.


Photo Courtesy: francisellatularensis.weebly.com

Photo Courtesy: francisellatularensis.weebly.com

This disease comes when animals – mostly rodents – that have been infected with the bacterium bite humans. The symptoms of this are on and off fevers and inflammation of the lymph nodes.

To prevent this, one must always be careful when around insects and animals especially when he goes gardening. In order to do this, the proper clothing must always be worn when handling these living things are required; proper clothing involves covering up possible bite points.


Photo Courtesy: http://fastighetstidningen.se/

Photo Courtesy: http://fastighetstidningen.se/

Leptospirosis, also known as Weil’s disease, is a serious disease that happens when one comes in contact with rodent urine. The initial symptoms are fever, body pain, and jaundice – a condition that makes the skin appear to be yellow.

As mention several times in this article, prevention most involves not getting into contact with infected animals. But for this infection in particular, swimming or wading in water that may be infected by animal urine must also be avoided.

Rickettsial Pox 

Photo Courtesy: www.webmd.com

Photo Courtesy: www.webmd.com

These are named pox because the disease makes people develop a rash similar to that obtained in chicken pox. It is spread by mites that carry the Rickettsia akari bacteria. When these mites bite a human, a red lump will appear that will be painless and firm at the start but eventually will become worse. Muscle pains, fever, chills, sweating, and discomfort due to lights will all develop over time while the disease is present in the body.

To prevent this, sanitary measures must be done to control the presence of parasites near the home.

Key Takeaway

Preventing diseases from happening in the home is all about keeping the body clean. This can be done by making sure that proper clothes are used when going to a dirty area, applying sanitary measures in the home, cooking and storing food properly, and disinfecting when needed.


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