Newest TV Campaign of Lamudi Philippines to Touch #Hearts

Lamudi Philippines, now being recognized as the number one real estate website in the Philippines based on online visibility and monthly website traffic,  is now bringing its game a notch higher by launching a new TV campaign.

The new advertisement aims to strengthen Lamudi’s position as the go-to website for all Filipinos who are looking for a home of their own.

Lamudi TVC Screengrab

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Be the Man on Top at the Rogin-E ManCon 2017




Oozing with charisma.

A man of substance.

These are the traits of a Rogin-E ManHe leads an active lifestyle, has a successful career, driven to excel in everything, indulges in recreational activities and on top of all these, he finds time for his family.

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Ten Philippine Cities to Watch in 2017

Many places in the Philippines are becoming increasingly ideal to live and/or invest in due to sustained progress in the real estate industry-backed by an overall economy that various financial institutions predict to grow between 6 to almost 7 percent this year.

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Infographic: How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversions

So you have the best content that you could ever author in your website. You know that what you have written down is something that will interest a multitude of readers who will be able to read it. Every sentence in there has so much meaning; every paragraph explaining clearly what you wish to share with a many visitors as you can possible. However, you notice that there is not much traffic coming in. Only a handful of people has read it.

This is going to be a major problem in the future for your website. The reason for this is that SEO tends to take out sites that do not draw in that many visitors. It is all due to the fact that your content, despite its beauty, has failed to draw in people. Could it be that your headline is not bringing you clicks and conversions?

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The Philippine Art Scene in Fort Bonifacio

Manila has been one of the Asia’s most vibrant art hubs. Jeepneys decorated with colorful vinyl, three-dimensional figures in museums, interior design shops, art galleries and lively street art are spread out across the city, especially in the Bonifacio Global City that proves the undying and exciting Philippine art scene.

art scene

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Time to Explore the Ford’s Big Kid – Ford Explorer

It has been long since Ford is working on and manufacturing Sport Utility Vehicles that not only look great but perform with an equal amount of grace or shall we say ruggedness. Today, it’s the Ford Explorer on whom the spotlight has fallen.

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Is Your Car Due for Maintenance?

Owning a vehicle is a huge responsibility. There are a lot of things you need to do if you want to maintain its caliber. For instance, you need to be able to provide money for gas so it can run whenever you need it to. You also need to check its system every once in a while to avoid any issues or accidents on the roads.

There will also be times when you would need to replace some of its parts to ensure its top performance. You don’t have to worry for there are many muffler sellers here in the Philippines that can provide them to you. However, the problem lies in learning when exactly your car needs that tune-up.


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Better Commission Rates for Affiliates!

Good news before the week ends! ;) Affiliates now have increased chances of earning more!

As part of’s plan to increase the number of affiliate partners and to provide them with better deals, the company has launched a new commission structure for its Affiliate Program that makes it easier for them to earn more.

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