Pros & Cons: A Dash Cam’s Point of View

Thinking of installing a dash cam on your car? Definitely, having one will offer you the advantage on keeping your car safe and at the same time, keep your environment at peace. But keeping one may also put you at the disadvantage for reasons that can either be because of your own actions or another’s.

Pros & Cons of a Dash Cam

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Team Ninja Warrior is back this August!

It is expected to have exciting and tougher obstacle courses in the epic reality show, Team Ninja Warrior, as it returns for a second season this August on AXN.

Team Ninja Warrior

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Diseases Caused by Pests and How to Prevent Them

In order to assure prevention form pest diseases, one must be aware of where the diseases come from first to understand where he should be careful and where to apply sanitary measures.


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Entrepreneur from Davao finds his dream car online

Reinario Polinar, a 49-year old businessman from Tagum City, shares his experience in buying his vehicle of choice through this online car platform, Carmudi.

Davao Entrepreneur Finds His Dream Car Online

He recently purchased a brand-new Ford Ranger 4×2 XLS Manual Transmission at Ford Tagum dealership in Davao, which is under Autohub Group of Companies.

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“Kicking & Screaming” on AXN

The new reality series, Kicking & Screaming, will premiere this August on AXN. In this show, the most unlikely couples will find their hands full in taking in more than they can handle.

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One Hit Wonders: TV Shows That Only Lasted a Single Season

Watching television is one of the popular pastimes for people around the world. It has become the most popular entertainment and media device the world over. With a variety of channels available, and media players to choose from, the television remains at the center of any home entertainment setup. When you have a quality LED TV at home, it is now time to get some shows to watch!

Some of the best shows to watch in television are series. Over the years, there have been an abundance of series that have been shown on television, with some of them being some of the most-watched shows on TV. Some series can be popular enough to last for years, while some just fizzle out and fade away.

one hit wonder

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Best & Worst Car Movies of All Time

The film industry has seen a good number of car movies over the past few years. Some of them became well-loved movies that the auto enthusiasts and film critics adore, while there are some that have just been plain awful.

best and worst car movies

These are the movies that you talk about with your friendly muffler seller (available in the Philippines) in detail, these are the movies which left you hanging at the edge of your seat, wanting more.

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Conviction #SonyChannel

The fight for justice begins for those who have been wrongly convicted as they have one last hope for an acquittal in the legal procedural series Conviction on Sony Channel this July.

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