10 Most Searched Cities for Real Estate Outside NCR

Helped by a significant number of searches for houses and lots for sale, Cebu City is ostensibly the most in-demand among online property-seekers looking to buy or rent properties outside of Metro Manila.


Gathering onsite search data from the first to third quarters of 2016, Lamudi Philippines, the leading real estate marketplace in the country, determined that the Visayas’ center for business and commerce is the most searched area outside Metro Manila among Lamudi users. Expectedly, the country’s third most important city (and largest in terms of land area), Davao City, comes in third as well.

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“Jane the Virgin” Season 3

Avid viewers of Jane the Virgin are surely in for a surprising treat when everybody’s favorite telenovela returns to Sony Channel for a third season this October.


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AUX Run 2016 – Clark

AUX Run 2016 – Clark” is set to happen on November 20, 2016 (Sunday) at CDC Grounds, Clark, Angeles City, Pampanga.  BPORunners is one of the organizers and Bahay Pag-ibig is the beneficiary of this running event.


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3 DIY Holiday Decorations for Your Condo

The countdown for the holiday season has started. It comes as no surprise to anyone that they can now listen to Christmas songs being played over the radio, inside shopping malls, and practically everywhere. Soon, they will be selling various decorations for your homes, apartments and condo units.

If you just recently bought a condo in The Fort which was for sale, then you yourself must be thinking about ways you can embellish it this coming holidays. You need not to worry though because this article can help you out in your decorating process. Here are 3 simple do-it-yourself adornments that you can display in front of your friends and family.

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Rise in Online Rental Fraud: A Global Concern

Online rental fraud is now a rising concern for tenants and property investors all over the world. In England, the police recorded a 44 percent increase in scams reported with 3,200 unfortunate house hunters affected.

Indeed, this only represents a fraction of the total fraud numbers, as victims of fraud hold a certain stigma.

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5 Netflix Series That Are Totally Worth Your Time

TV content in recent years has been revolutionized to fit the taste of the viewers. They no longer contain mindless chatter that you usually see on television shows before. There is also an obvious attempt to add diversity in the casting to represent different groups of people from all over the world.

Diversity is a definite plus because foreign TV shows are now easily viewed by audiences from numerous countries through streaming services like Netflix which you can view on your computer screens and on your affordable televisions in the Philippines.

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10 Bungalows for Sale in the Philippines

Featuring only a single storey (while those with second floors are kept low by being built into a sloping roof), bungalows are ideal for residents with impaired mobility, such as retirees or those relegated to wheelchairs. Its low-rise design also makes it the ideal living space for children, where the worry of them being left unsupervised in an entirely different floor or tumbling down the stairs by accident is minimized.

Being that the Philippines is a popular retirement and vacation destination, and Filipinos’ having a cultural affinity for living with or close to family where members of the household often including seniors and children, bungalows are indeed a popular choice in the country. The property’s modest size compared to homes with multiple floors also makes it more favorable from a price standpoint.

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Quick and High-Quality Proofreading and Copyediting Services at 1-Hour Proofreading!

Tight deadlines are such a burden especially to busy writers and it often leads to documents stuffed with typos or unmindful grammatical errors. Well, here’s an awesome news from a Danish proofreading company as they recently launched their website with the promise to deliver super-fast and high-quality proofreading and copyediting services in just one hour—for any type of document, 1-Hour Proofreading.


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