CarBay Dream Car Contest 2017

A contest cum scholarship for young auto enthusiast from different colleges in the Philippines is being presented by Budding auto enthusiasts from the country are invited to share ideas about the future of mobility by designing (looks & features) their dream car.

CarBay Dream Car Contest

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7 Countries Famous for (Cost-effective) Dental Work

There are several factors to consider in choosing a dentist to trust for dental care. To begin with, you need to partner with a licensed dentist, with years of experiences and a good educational background. You also have to check the reviews written by their former patients. Once you have checked these essential factors, you can feel more confident in choosing the said dentist to do the job.

If you live in the US, you might have a lot of choices available. It doesn’t mean though that the options have to be limited locally. In fact, you will be surprised to find out that there are a lot of highly qualified dentists who can do the job even if they are outside of the country.

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Chicago Justice: Brand New Legal Drama on Sony Channel

There’s a new breed of legal heroes to uphold the law at all times in this brand new legal drama, Chicago Justice.

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How Effective is Online Marketing for Real Estate

With the never-ending evolution of technology, change is experienced in some industries that successfully welcomed and adapted to the current global business landscape. A lot of licensed professionals in the real estate industry are now taking advantage of the World Wide Web to reach their market.

Gone were the days where you only have to rely on the people that you know and those you meet on the streets to promote what you offer. With the advent of social media platforms, you can instantly reach almost two million possible clients with just a few clicks away.

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Credit Card Fraud Stats – Protect Yourself from Being Scammed

According to studies, one of the reasons why credit card frauds occur is because of email access. 48% of all victims have traced hackers breaking into their secured email and so they were able to use their credit cards.

The moment hackers see your emails, they can view all your transactions. They can even search all your emails and check if there is information that contains your credit card details. You might even have the pin code on your email. Since emails are easily accessed, they immediately have the key to your credit card.

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5-Step Guide on How to Become a Super Saiyan!

Nothing can make you feel more insignificant than knowing how tiny you are when compared to a lot of things in this universe. For example, you may think you are not important when comparing with any island of the Philippines, even more so against the solar system and its entirety.

5 -Step Guide on How to Become a Super Saiyan [MUST TRY!]

Thankfully, you can do something about this. You can claim your sense of self-importance by becoming – wait for it – a Super Saiyan! But you must be warned; this process is extremely hard and difficult.

Are you up for this task?

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Golden Visa: Why Spain is the Best Option?

During the recent years, a growing demand to obtain residency in European countries have been observed from non-EU national.

Wealthy individuals across the world are showing great interest to obtain native rights to live like a local is foreign countries after making financial investments in infrastructure and real estate projects. They even consider some rising establishments such as condos for sale in The Fort here in the Philippines.

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Masters of Illusion Season 4

Ready to welcome back The Masters? ;)

The illusions continue as Masters of Illusion, the magic show that raises magic to a whole new level of amazement, returns to Sony Channel in March.

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