Pros & Cons: A Dash Cam’s Point of View

Thinking of installing a dash cam on your car? Definitely, having one will offer you the advantage on keeping your car safe and at the same time, keep your environment at peace. But keeping one may also put you at the disadvantage for reasons that can either be because of your own actions or another’s.

Pros & Cons of a Dash Cam

Hence, to weigh down your options, here’s the pros and cons of having a dash cam.

The Pros of Dashcams

There are particular advantages that one can benefit from installing a dash cam on their cars, which includes:

1.    Tracks driving progress for beginners

Driving is a learning process. Therefore, when you install a dash cam onto your car, the possibility that you’ll be able learn faster is high. Given the recorded footage from your device, you can look into it and review the way you maneuver through the road or even when parking. This makes a great material to learn the basics of driving and track your own progress, as well.

2.    Documentation of road trips


If you’re the type of person who regularly go on trips, then you’ll be making the best out of your dash cam. With just the fact that you are able to record every moment of your trip – from your home to your destination plus the changing sceneries – that’s a huge advantage. Furthermore, you can also share them on various social media platforms and let people know what particular places are best for a road trip.

3.    Prevents the owner from being a victim of insurance fraud

You’ll never know what will happen to you while you’re on the road. Especially that there are scammers in almost every part of the world who’ll try to get the most out of everyone by playing victim on road accidents – given that this will turn into a satisfactory insurance settlement. Hence, with a video compilation as your evidence, definitely you’ll be able to avoid such unfortunate situations.

The Cons of Dashcams

Most people are not aware that there are downsides on installing dash cams and these include:

1.    A probable cause of distraction for drivers

Given that these are called dashboard cameras, definitely it will be placed to the windscreen. With that said, the possibility that it may cause distraction or create blind spots for the drivers makes it a reason for a con on installing a dash cam on your car.

probable cause of distraction

2.    It’s a one-sided point of view

One thing that may count as a downside of relying on a dash cam, especially as evidence, is that it’s one sided. It only sees what the driver sees from his point of view, and that excludes the blind spots where a cat might have passed by or a ball rolled on that can also make a difference in the court.

3.    Dash cams are not legal on particular areas

Though dash cams are accepted in almost everywhere, there are particular places that prohibits the use as such given that it is recording things in public. An example of this is in Germany, especially when the recordings are publicly posted (i.e. thru Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) as such act is considered as violating the privacy of someone else’s. The exemption is only applicable when the footage is used on court as evidence given the exceptional circumstance.

Key Takeaway

Dashboard cameras are helpful to most, however, under such actions that does not violate anyone’s right to privacy and the rule of law, among others. The downsides, on the other hand, only depend on the person who owns it – and not the device itself.


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