Quick Tips To Find The Right Car Service Center

Emergencies occur when you least expect them and if you are stuck with your broken car in the middle of the road, that is something big enough to put you in a sad mood or ruin your day. Well, the best you can do in this situation is to fix the problem yourself or at least call someone who could help.

This is the circumstance when you feel the importance of having an auto repair center’s number in your phone’s speed dial. But then, before saving this number in your contacts, you have to do some exercise to find out the best service or repair center which can actually take you out of this crisis and not put in another one with a hefty repair bill.

It’s not that easy to put all your trust in a particular auto repair shop, and when you do, you blindly trust it to be the right place where you can send your beloved car for any work. So, what takes it to gain that level of trust and confidence for any auto repair shop, if it’s not a brand authorized one?


So, before you actually need to send your car for a big repair work, it would be better to find a service center which is friendly on your car as well as on your pocket. Here are some quick tips to help you finding the right auto repair center for your beloved car:

  • Check Reviews

The first step is to shortlist the service centers and that’s not a piece of cake. To find a couple of service centers from which there could be the potential one you are looking for, you should check the reviews. You can zero down through the leading websites which provide this information. Don’t forget to go through the positive and negative comments and reviews posted by the actual users. You can also ask for suggestions from your friends and acquaintances, after all, they could share their genuine personal experience on which you can trust.

  • Experience Matters

Yes, it does! But then we are talking about the experience of the mechanics and not the establishment of the repair center. After all, the mechanics and staff would be handling your car and so their experience and expertise are what you should be bothered about.

You can officially ask for the training and certifications these mechanics have received to get eligibility for working on cars. If you have a couple of centers in your mind, you can visit them for minor jobs and evaluate the services of the staff. Also, check if there are sufficient staff members to assist and handle work in case of an urgency.

  • Updated Tool Kit

Well, we are not asking you to be Sherlock Homes but while evaluating a service center, you should keep your eyes wide open towards the technology and tools the mechanics are using. With new technologies arriving every other day, some cars need special attention and tools and regular tools might solve the problem temporarily but may occur soon then you could ever expect. To avoid these momentary solutions, you should better check for the equipment beforehand. Also, check if the mechanics are trained to work on these updated tools and technologies.

  • Recognized from Insurance Company

Well, if the service center you have finalized is recognized with any renounced insurance company, that definitely adds credibility. No insurance company would authorize a service center just like that and they do it after intensive evaluation and complete documentation. Also, if any sort of cheating or unauthorized activities are found in these repair shops, the insurance companies cancel the license.

  • Warranty On Offer

We know that not all repair works carry warranty and not all car repair centers offer these warranties, but this is where you have to play smart. Go for those service centers who are confident enough in their labor, service and spares to offer you a warranty on the works. In the Philippines, you can easily find such service centers which provide warranty between the period of 6 – 24 months from the date of the repairs. If you are provided with the warranty, better take it in written to avoid any confrontations in the future.

  • Compare Rates

Whether you are on a tight budget or not, nobody wants to spend any extra penny, especially on car repairs. Surely you would not like to spend less by compromising on the quality of the service or spares but then if you are stuck in between 2 or more choices who are equally good in all the aspects, narrow them down on the price factor. Compare the rates of labor and other essentials which you might need frequently.

Keep these tips on your fingers while searching for an auto repair/service center. Also, remember to look for a repair facility before you actually need; you can take better decisions when you are not rushed.

Note: You can find list of all authorized service centers for all brands with their contact details at CarBay, locate one in your city now.

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only.

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  1. Precious Leyva

    Cars are not something that I am entirely familiar with, so I never really know what to look for when I go to a auto repair service. I’m glad that you mentioned warranties as an indicator of a good auto mechanic. When I go to a auto repair company, I want someone who can guarantee that their work will be of good quality; a warranty is that confirmation.

  2. John

    For me as a car guy… it’s not the equipments etc. It’s the reputation of the mechanic and the shop.

  3. UAC

    Excellent Article!! these Quick Tips To Find The Right Car Service Center will be very helpful for me.

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