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Pros & Cons: A Dash Cam’s Point of View

Thinking of installing a dash cam on your car? Definitely, having one will offer you the advantage on keeping your car safe and at the same time, keep your environment at peace. But keeping one may also put you at the disadvantage for reasons that can either be because of your own actions or another’s.

Advantages of Being an Architect

Like with anything else, architecture has its fair share of myths and jokes. Despite that, it remained as a rewarding and profitable career in the working field. Why? It’s because architecture is both an art and science focusing on the design of buildings and other physical structures. Any top Philippine or worldwide architect is concerned …

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Running vs. Driving

Getting a Toyota Altis in the Philippines is a popular choice among car buyers due to its price and convenience. Driving in Metro Manila can certainly be exhausting and time-consuming due to the endless traffic experienced every day which is indeed hectic and hassle. Some people opted to use alternative ways to get to their …

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