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Pros & Cons: A Dash Cam’s Point of View

Thinking of installing a dash cam on your car? Definitely, having one will offer you the advantage on keeping your car safe and at the same time, keep your environment at peace. But keeping one may also put you at the disadvantage for reasons that can either be because of your own actions or another’s.

Is Ford Everest a Good SUV?

Sports Utility Vehicle is mainly purchased for two reasons, one for its aggressive rugged looks and secondly for its all-terrain driving capabilities. Ford Everest is a car that is blessed with these factors that too in good proportion.  But does it really stand strong on rough rides and how well is it equipped to handle …

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Running vs. Driving

Getting a Toyota Altis in the Philippines is a popular choice among car buyers due to its price and convenience. Driving in Metro Manila can certainly be exhausting and time-consuming due to the endless traffic experienced every day which is indeed hectic and hassle. Some people opted to use alternative ways to get to their …

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Discover Your City In a New Way

Sports Utility Vehicles are often associated with rugged terrains and places where regular vehicles cannot tread. What if the same features from an SUV were made available in a city sized avatar, where would you take it for a spin? These could be the questions that Ford’s compact crossover, the EcoSport attempts to answer. With …

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Plastic and LED Road Stud

Are you a driver? Do you need to drive at night or bad weather condition? If yes, I think you have been familiar with road studs which are a safety device used on roads to reduce traffic accident. Nowadays, with new technology, more and more road studs provide visibility for drivers in bad weather condition …

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Suzuki Swift Moves Hardcourt Hero Kiefer Ravena

Blue Eagle Kiefer Ravena, the hardcourt hero known as “The Phenom”, nimbly maneuvers towards the basket to score victory for his team. He performs with grace under pressure and uses his smarts and a sense of sportsmanship as an ambassador of basketball. He carries the same qualities even when off the court. When he is …

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