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Picture-perfect and Instagram-worthy Houses at MyProperty.ph

Looking for that dream property? Picture-perfect house and lots are just waiting to be discovered in top property website, MyProperty.ph. To help your quest for that lovely home, here are some of the best houses that you can actually buy or rent.

How to Detect if Your Home Has Pests

Every part of our house is a potential place for many types of pest infestations. Dirty dishes and hidden crumbs in the kitchen and cluttered storage in the bedroom will surely attract various kinds of home pests. It’s good that there’s a lot of pest control products and services available in the country to help …

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The Perks of a Decluttered Household

Maintaining your home is one huge task. You need to have a regular cleaning and organizing habit to achieve a beautiful, clean, and healthy home. This regular healthy habit can also prevent pests, such as ants, cockroaches, fruit flies, and even termites, among others from invading your humble abode. However, if such incident arises, there …

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10 Most Searched Cities for Real Estate Outside NCR

Helped by a significant number of searches for houses and lots for sale, Cebu City is ostensibly the most in-demand among online property-seekers looking to buy or rent properties outside of Metro Manila. Gathering onsite search data from the first to third quarters of 2016, Lamudi Philippines, the leading real estate marketplace in the country, …

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Can Micro Homes Solve the Global Housing Crisis?

Size matters to some but in a world of land scarcity and a housing shortage epidemic, small micro sized homes are growing in popularity. The statistics are frightening: currently, more than 1.6 billion people live in substandard housing with 100 million people living without a home. It is estimated that up to 50 percent of the urban …

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How to Save Money When Purchasing Your Dream Home

Most people would definitely want to acquire a home to call their own with different reasons. To some, owning a home speaks volume on one’s accomplishments, and in many ways it can be considered as a status symbol. For many others, it is basking on the security of having a shelter paid for with their hard-earned …

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How Much Monthly Salary You Need To Afford A House In 10 PH Cities

Planning to buy a home? Ever wondered how much monthly salary you should be earning in order to afford a house in different cities and municipalities in the Philippines?

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