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6 Must-Visit Beach Resorts This Summer Vacation

Can you feel the heat? The beach season is just around the corner! Have you been preparing your dream-bod for a long time through good diet and continuously workout in the gym? Your preparation would not be complete without flaunting that body. It is now vacation time and beach resorts are the perfect place to …

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Basic Strokes in Swimming You Must Know by Larisse

Swimming is a highly popular sport for all ages. It is an advantage if you know how to swim well and it certainly comes in handy if you love to explore and swim outdoors. If you plan to get a vacation house for sale, look in Tagaytay City and hopefully get one with a pool …

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Why Summer Is The Best Season Of All Time

“It’s really hot in here because it’s summer time!” (me singing with the tune of Nelly’s hit song “Hot in Here”) As the old saying goes, we’ve saved the best for last, and summer is indeed the best season. People look forward to summer because it has much more to offer than the other seasons. …

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Summer Escapade at Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

Summer Escapade at the Hyatt

It’s already mid-summer and if you’re looking for a place to enjoy your staycation in the Metro, here’s a special offer valid for local residents until June 30,2013 from Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila.

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