Today’s Popular Wedding Themes

There are very few experiences that is as beautiful, lovely, and memorable like a wedding day. There is always something emotional and beautiful seeing two lovers finally tie the knot. But before that big day comes, you have to be very prepared for it.

Looking for the right venue and the best catering services ensure that you’ll be having a wedding to remember. Another thing that you have to decide on is the theme. With so many possible wedding theme ideas that you can do, picking the right one seems like a challenging task.

popular wedding themes

There are some wedding themes that remain timeless, while there are some themes that are fresh and unique. Here are some of the most popular wedding theme ideas right now.

Vintage Wedding


If you want to have a wedding with a classic and nostalgic feel, then having a vintage wedding would be worth it. Having old-world items and decorations around, an old-fashioned wedding car, and heirlooms would give you that authentic early 20th century feel that you are looking for. For the venue, you can choose to hold it in a church for a more traditional feel, or outdoors if you’re looking to be a bit more creative.

Rustic Wedding


If you want an outdoor wedding with a down-to-earth feel, a rustic themed wedding seems like a perfect fit. A rustic wedding offers you a nice, calm, and earthy setting, complemented by beautiful shades of brown, and a venue adorned with bouquets of flowers.

For cuisine, having a nice selection of greens and grilled meet would make the wedding a hit. For those wanting a more nature-inspired type of wedding, then holding a rustic wedding offers you a nice backdrop to your big day.

Fairy Tale Wedding


Have you ever imagined a wedding ceremony that looks just like the ones you see in fairy tales? If you did, then there are ways to make it possible. A fairy tale wedding is grand, luxurious, and elegant. Expect your guests to be dressed up for the occasion, and await the couple’s grand entrance. Fairy tale wedding give you’re a chance to go all out with the decorations. Lavish bouquets, grand decorations, and royal cuisine would all make your fairy tale wedding a dream come true.

Beach Wedding


One of the most popular wedding themes around, beach weddings remain one of the top choices. It’s pretty hard to beat holding a wedding in a beach next to the clam ocean waters, with the calm sea breeze blowing around. You can have the guests wearing light clothing mostly reserved for the summer season, and have cuisine centered on different kinds of seafood.

No matter how many times it has been done in the past, a lot of people still choose to hold beach weddings.

Key Takeaway

A wedding ceremony is one of the most memorable moments in a couple’s life, and picking the best setting would enhance the experience even more. These themes would guarantee you that you are having a wedding that your guests would remember dearly.


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