One Hit Wonders: TV Shows That Only Lasted a Single Season

Watching television is one of the popular pastimes for people around the world. It has become the most popular entertainment and media device the world over. With a variety of channels available, and media players to choose from, the television remains at the center of any home entertainment setup. When you have a quality LED TV at home, it is now time to get some shows to watch!

Some of the best shows to watch in television are series. Over the years, there have been an abundance of series that have been shown on television, with some of them being some of the most-watched shows on TV. Some series can be popular enough to last for years, while some just fizzle out and fade away.

one hit wonder

This list of shows, however, are some shows which received critical acclaim or cult classic status, yet one way or another, they did not exceed beyond a single season. Without further ado, here are some cult classic series that only lasted a single season.

Firefly (2002)

Photo Courtesy: www.scifimoviepage.com

Photo Courtesy: www.scifimoviepage.com

Perhaps one of the most popular series that was never able to get another season, Firefly is a space western series by Josh Whedon (who is responsible for the popular Buffy: The Vampire Slayer series). The show lasted for 12 episodes before being cancelled, much to the disappointment of their fan base. The series was known for its memorable characters and epic episodes that may remind some people of Star Trek. Fortunately, clamor from the fans led to the creation of a film Serenity, which is a full-fledged follow-up to the series.

Freaks and Geeks (1999)

Photo Courtesy: www.amazon.com

Photo Courtesy: www.amazon.com

A comedy series written by Judd Apatow (who directed, written, and produced films and series such as Knocked Up, Step Brothers, Talladega Nights, Girls, and many more), and stars James Franco and Seth Rogen. Set in the 80s the story follows its characters as they go through the ups and downs of high school life.  Despite quality of Apatow, and the solid performance of the cast, the show was cancelled before it the first season ended. Despite the fans campaigning for the final episodes to be released, those episodes still have not seen the light of day.

Kings (2009)

Photo Courtesy: www.bolsamania.com

Photo Courtesy: www.bolsamania.com

An ambitious drama series about a king surviving in a world where monarchies are struggling to survive and maintain order. Ian McShane (Deadwood and American Gods) is the star of the show, playing as the fictional king of Gilboa, with Sebastian Stan (famous for playing as Winter Soldier in the Captain America movie series) as the country’s prince. Unfortunately, the low ratings (attributed to its Sunday timeslot) caused the show to be cancelled, although some fans are wishing for it to be back.

The Get Down (2016)

Photo Courtesy: www.nerdist.com

Photo Courtesy: www.nerdist.com

A musical drama set in 1970s New York, The Get Down was praised for its 1970s setting, exciting hip-hop music, and interesting characters. Unfortunately, the series was not renewed for a second season. Despite this, the series has a solid following, and looks to be another cult classic.

Key Takeaway

While these series may not have lasted longer on television, they sure left an impression among fans everywhere. Do you know other series that lasted a single season?


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